All Computree v5 plugins are not yet converted to v6. In addition, not all documentation is complete.

Progress of work

Progress of “How to use Computree” videos

Video titleStatus
General organisation of the interfaceCompleted
Create a processing chainIn Progress
Managing and displaying dataPlanned
3D views in detailPlanned
Interactive selectionPlanned
Tabular views in detailPlanned
Batch processingPlanned
Managing step favouritesPlanned
Debug modePlanned
Using batch modePlanned

Progress of thematic tutorials

Tutorial titleStatus
ALS - DTM, DSM and DHM creationCompleted
ALS - Footprint computingCompleted
ALS - Plot extractionIn Progress
ALS - DTM CreationIn Progress
ALS - Tree crowns segmentationIn Progress
ALS - Batch Tree crowns segmentationIn Progress
ALS - Mapping of area metrics on a extentIn Progress
ALS - Plot-based area metrics calculationIn Progress
ALS - Format conversionIn Progress
TLS - Stem detection, ONF pluginIn Progress

Plugin conversion progress for Computree v6

PluginCode conversionTranslation FRTranslation ENDocumentation FRDocumentation EN
ToolkitCompletedCompletedCompletedIn ProgressIn Progress
GenerateCompletedCompletedCompletedIn ProgressIn Progress
ONFCompletedCompletedCompletedIn ProgressIn Progress
ONF-DEVCompletedCompletedCompletedIn ProgressIn Progress
SEGMACompletedCompletedCompletedIn ProgressIn Progress
MKCompletedCompletedCompletedIn ProgressIn Progress
IGN-LIFCompletedCompletedCompletedIn ProgressIn Progress
LVOXEn testIn ProgressIn ProgressIn ProgressIn Progress
SimpleForestIn ProgressIn ProgressIn ProgressIn ProgressIn Progress
AMS3DCompletedIn ProgressIn ProgressIn ProgressIn Progress