Credit logo Computree : Pierre Gelhaye (INRA Nancy).

Computree Computree is a processing platform for 3D points clouds, obtained with LIDAR or photogrammetry. It aims to regroup algoritms for forests scenes analysis, in order to extract data on structure of trees and stands.

It is managed by the Computree group, composed of GIP ECOFOR, ONF, IGN, INRA and Université de Sherbrooke.




Computree is modular: algorithms are grouped in independently developed plugins.

Computree is open: the system core is under the licence GPL/LGPL. The choice of the licence of each plugin is left to its developper.

Computree is portable: using the framework c++/Qt, it can be compiled for Windows (7 and after), Mac OS X (Lion and after) et Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 and after, see Qt site for others distributions), for 64 bits architectures.

Computree is performant: using c++, and multi-core processing capacities of Qt, it aims computation time optimization.


Computree is composed by:

  • core, which allow algorithmic steps management and which defines generic data structures able to store their results. These generic structures allow to chain steps from independent plugins.

  • Plugins containing algorithic steps. Each step supply its results in the generic data structures of the core. Plugins can be developed indenpendently by different partners.

 Clic on the “PLUGINS” section for the description of existing plugins.

To download or contribute to Computree clic here