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  1. Hi,
    In theory Computree can be compiled on Max OS X, as it uses Qt.
    However, we don’t have any Mac in the dev team, so we have no way to test that.
    I suppose it could be necessary to do some little adjustements, and also to see how to work with good versions of dependencies.

    So no “ready to go” solution.
    If you want to try to compile yourself, you can start from this tutorial for Ubuntu 18.04 and see what don’t work on Mac :

    I just gave you the necessary rights on rdinnovation to access code source and dev info.

    Best regards.
    Alexandre Piboule.

  2. hello
    how can I install computree in Mac OS?
    Thanks in advanve

  3. Hi,
    Sorry but I don’t have the current e-mail of Jan.

    Best regards.

  4. Hi,

    I’m interested about SimpleTree plugin and I have some questions about it. I’m looking for Jan Hackenberg’s email address, but I found only inactive addresses. Can you please send me Jan’s active email address?


  5. Hi,
    Account creations on the site have to be manually validated.
    Because of that, it can take between one hour and 48 hours.

    Sorry for the delay, your account is now activated.

    Best regards.
    Alexandre Piboule.

  6. Hi,

    Has anybody had trouble setting up an account with the Office of National Forestry Department R&D? I registered my account, then tried to log on over the past few days, but an error message says my account is not recognized. I tried setting up a new account, but there is already one recognized to my username. Any ideas?

  7. The best way is to register on the Computree documentation site:
    And to post you question on the forum:

    You question is about SimpleTree plugin use, so Jan Hackenberg is the good person to ask.

    Best regards.
    Alexandre Piboule.

  8. Today I tried to use the program ‘Computree’ and I’m having troubles working with it, hopefully someone can help me fix it.

    I followed every step on the tutorial on youtube (, but at one single step the program shut down.

    These are the following steps I took:

    1. Uploading the points
    2. Classification of the ground points
    3. Creating DTM
    4. Smooth extraction of a point slice parallel to the DTM
    5. Euclidean clustering denoising
    6. Voxelgrid filter
    7. Euclideam clustering denoising
    8. An euclidean clustering operation

    In your tutorial the next step is the segmentation, this is were it al goes wrong. The program shuts down immediately after I want to run te segmentation.

    Is there something that I’m doing wrong or should I take another step first?

  9. Hello,

    We have quickly tested on one or two plots in rain forest, but not deeeply.
    But Jules Morel, a PhD student creating a Computree plugin for TLS DTM creation, works in Indian rain forests.
    The AMAP team in Montpellier was also interested in using Computree for stem detection in rainforest plots.

    Best regards.
    Alexandre Piboule.

  10. Hi,

    I am Maycow Berbert a Forest Engineering student at Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) and I’m starting my research on the ponteciais terrestrial LiDAR for the management of tropical forest.

    I was very interested in ComputerTree project. Have you ever tested a point cloud of a rainforest?

  11. Hello,

    You should be able to import any ascii file in computree (if it contains points), using the dedicated step.
    1) Clic on the left button of the toolbar
    2) If asked, choose PB_StepLoadAsciiFile02 (plug_base)
    3) Select your file
    4) Select the good field separator and decimal separator, check “No header line in the file” if your file don’t contains header
    5) If needed, specify the good number of lines to skip before the header or first line of data
    6) Clic on “Extract fields names”
    7) Select good columns for each needed field (for following fields:Intensité, Rouge, Vert, Bleu, Normale X, Normale Y and Normale Z, you can choose NODATA if not available in the file)
    8) Clic on OK button
    9) Execute the step to load the file

    Best regards.
    Alexandre Piboule.

  12. I cannot open de files I export from Polyworks (.txt) how can I transform it to .xyb?? or how can I export from polyworks that format? any suggestion?

  13. Hello,

    The approval of inscription is a manual process, so it can take one or two days (this week I’m in holidays, so I didn’t have you request quickly. Sorry for that). I’ve approved all your accounts.
    Best regards.
    Alexandre Piboule.

  14. I can download CompuTree because I did not receive the confirmation of my registration. Can You help me? I tried with two different email yesterday address but i did not recived any confirmation. Thanks

  15. I am new to the CompuTree can anybody share the tutorials for this software. I have Terrestial Lidar Data and i want to compute the above ground biomass .Is it possible through CompuTree?

    Thanks in advance

  16. Hi,
    I would like to use Computree to calculate forest inventory attributes from terrestrial laser scans.
    I tried to download the core software and it worked fine. Nonetheless I could not download the ONF-ENSAM Plugin.
    I also registered an account on the platform but it seems that I don’t have access to this plugin. Is it my fault in finding the plugin or is the access restricted to contributors only?
    Thanks for the attention.

  17. Thank you for the reply. However, may I know the exact timeline for the release? The reason being there is an urgency for me to use it for my thesis data.

    Again thank you.

  18. Yes, new functionnalities for isolating crowns and computing crown projections in T-Lidar point clouds will be provided in the comming version of Computree (next weeks).
    A tutorial will be writen to explain how, just after the release.

    Alexandre Piboule.

  19. May I know if I can use computree to measure crown projected area?

  20. Yes thanks, I downloaded the software successfully, now I need to read documentation with the aim of loading and processing a simple file.

  21. Sorry for the delay,
    Did you achieved the download, or do you still have troubles ?

  22. Hi, I am keen to try Computree but the download link does not work – it just has a timeout error. Any suggestions?

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